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  • Take care of your cloth. Like any shower accessories, when left in a damp, humid environment, bacteria is practically teeming. Your washcloth is now potentially home to such bacteria, if you don’t rinse it out properly and hang it to dry thoroughly. Always fully rinse out cleansers, makeup residue, and soap from your washcloth after using. Wring out as much moisture as possible, and hang it it to dry in a place that’s well-ventilated. This will inhibit bacteria, mildew, and mold from growing. You should throw your washcloth in the laundry every few uses however, depending on how much makeup you’re removing, and how thick or oily of a cleanser you use. Ideally, you could use a fresh washcloth every face-wash, but as long as you take the aforementioned precautionary measures above, you can get a few uses out of one.

    As far back as I can remember, my skin has always been sensitive, but after being diagnosed with Rosacea, my sensitive skin care needs jumped to a whole new level. In my search for skin care products gentle enough for my tender skin, try as I might, I could not find a washcloth or face cloth that was gentle enough for my skin. Even washing as gently as I could with regular washcloths left my sensitive skin red, irritated and inflamed.

  • *Sensitive Skin Conditions Disclaimer: we work hard to make our washcloths and face cloths suitable for sensitive skin conditions and have received feedback from many happy customers who have experienced positive results from our cloths. Please be advised, however, that because sensitive skin conditions vary and are unique to each person, there may be certain sensitive skin conditions that may not be suitable for our cloths.

    Our gentlest option: with double-sided flannel, are made with even the most delicate skin in mind, so that washing doesn't cause additional redness and irritation, but instead, is a gentle, skin-calming experience. Our , (known as the ultimate all-in-one washcloth and face cloth for sensitive skin) contain the same soothing, skin-calming flannel, and also have a 100% cotton terry cloth backing, for a little scrub as needed.

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