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Neat Solutions 12 Pack Solid Bright Washcloth Set, Colors May Vary

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  • TAG : This playful set includes a variety of solid-colored washcloths
  • You will find bath washcloths to match any style décor or color scheme in our catalog. Choose from washcloths in eight vibrant colors. We offer cotton washcloths in colors that include white, hunter green, burgundy, navy blue, sunshine yellow, Caribbean blue, tan and dark brown. We have towels to coordinate with our wholesale washcloths for matching bathroom linens.

    Step 2: Lay the three washcloths of the same color end to end. Overlap just the slightest bit, so you don’t have any gaps when you roll it.
    Here is what all three looked like in a row. (Yes, those are all same color. Making tutorials at night makes for some difficult picture taking.)
    Tip: You should also make sure that your washcloths are all lying the same direction. Meaning that the loose ends are at the bottom and the big fold is at the top for all three washcloths.
    Step 3: Start laying your second color washcloths down about 2 inches from the start of the first color. Lay all three out.

    Step 4: Start rolling your washcloths. You want to avoid doing it too tight or you get weird bunches and creases.
    Step 5: Keep rolling until your second washcloth color(white) gets caught up in your roll.
    Tip: When I got to the end of each of the washcloths on the bottom(Pink) I had to reach under and make sure the next washcloth was lined up and rolling as it should.

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