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Washcloth Soap Pouch

Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Disposable Washcloths, 14 Count

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  • I love a good Q-tip swab after a shower. Those don’t really hurt your ears, do they?
    Yes they do! Stop using them immediately! If you want to avoid , wash the surface of your ears in the shower with a soft washcloth and soap. Remember to clean behind them, too.

    The joy of crafting is sometimes finding unexpected ways to use common items. Washcloths are one such item. Instead of simply giving a set of washcloths to someone for a housewarming party, baby shower or wedding, use the washcloths to create decorations or whimsical characters that will get your gift noticed. From a washcloth bride and groom, to a floral washcloth soap gift, to a washcloth fish, these creative ideas make gift-giving fun and your gifts memorable.

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    1.) Since washcloth and soap sizes vary, lay your handcrafted soap on your washcloth (folded in half) to determine where to make your cuts. For my pouch, I found I would be able to make two pouches.

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