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  • Um, is it bad that I use spray bottles? I have a stack of thin baby washcloths that I got very cheaply (Grovia, I think, maybe $6 for 36 on amazon?) and two large spray bottles – one soap/water mix and one water/witch hazel mix, both mixtures heavy on the water. I just spray down the cloth from whichever bottle I need (mostly just water, but often poo needs a little of the soap mixture), wipe and go. I sure how this isn’t a bad arrangement…I’ve been using it for 9 months, lol!

    We use washcloths, and there's never a good place to let them drip-dry. Now that we're putting in new bathrooms, I want to solve this problem! Partly for appearances and partly because I think wet washcloths hanging on plumbing fixtures eventually wears down their finish.

  • Steam one out. One great thing washcloths can do pretty easily for you is a good steam. While cleaning your face, massage your cleanser onto your skin, but instead of rinsing right away, run your washcloth under the hottest water you can stand and wring it out but not completely. Lay the hot washcloth over your face and let it sit there for a bit steaming your cleanser into your pores. When it starts to chill off, just wipe away your cleanser. This works great for any oil-based heavy duty cleansers, especially if you carefully rub cleanser on your eye makeup to break it up before you sweep it away with your washcloth.

    Buy a pack of thin washcloths from a discount store. Wash and dry them, then soak them in cool water. Roll them up and store them in the refrigerator in a large Ziplock bag. An hour or so before you need one, put it in the freezer in a smaller Ziplock bag.

  • Wow, my sister told me no one uses washcloths anymore. I couldn't believe it. I use at least two a day. I like the little thin washcloths that you buy in a bundle at K-mart or Target. I think they are supposed to be kitchen cloths...

Crocheted Cotton Washcloth Sampler ..

These work best when you use a large thin washcloth (baby washcloths don’t seem to work well). Roll the washcloth diagonally. When you get near the end, add a small ice cube. If you want to make and decorate a boo-boo bunny to use over and over again, do not add the ice cube at this point.