Minion Washcloth Tutorial - During Quiet Time

Despicable Me Minions Bath Towel & Washcloth - Kmart

Minions Washcloth Set of Six (6)

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  • My kids love Despicable Me, especially the minions. They are overjoyed to know that a movie about just the minions is being made. And, they were in need of a new washcloth! I put two and two together and made this minion washcloth and am here today to share the tutorial.

    Diaper+ Cake+gifts+minions+baby Diaper Cake & Twin Minion washcloth Lollipop Bouquets! This gift set makes adorable baby shower theme centerpieces.

  • A squishy little garter stitch heart pattern that you can use in a number of ways. Are they tawashis? Why, yes they are! Coasters? Indeed! Mini washcloths? Most certainly! These Easy Knitting Sweet Somethings are just about anything you want them to

I made this washcloth it was super easy and super fun.