These New Log Cabin Washcloths are the second set I ..

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(4) NEW bags of EZ Towels Compressed towels with (4) Durable Tubes and Packaging, 200 Pieces total

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  • Wear "kid gloves." Put on a pair of textured gloves (available at bath and body stores), and voila! You have an instant washcloth that automatically shapes itself to baby's body and lessens the slipperiness of bare hands and soapy skin.

    Wet wipes have been labeled “the biggest villain of 2015” by . These disposable wipes, which are essentially an instant soapy washcloth that doesn’t require rinsing, promises to disinfect, and gets tossed after use, have become extremely popular – too popular, in fact.

I made two additional towel/washcloth rods from a 5/8" dowel rod.