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Prevail Adult Incontinence Washcloths

Adult Washcloth Disposable Moist Wipes - 12 X 8 - 240 Pk

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  • The incontinence cleaning inclusive of these incontinence washcloths and incontinence wipes, whether moist incontinence wipes or incontinence dry wipes are disposable and the best alternative to the ones that are non-disposable. The range of incontinence cleaning products and incontinence cleansers that we have, are complete and the best care products. You can choose from incontinence wipes to incontinence washcloths and irrespective of your choice, you will be ensured to get a perfect source of incontinence cleaning. The incontinence cleaning supplies that we have are perfect, if you are looking for effective, fast and at the same time, gentle cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing and extreme barrier protection.

    The incontinence cleaning supplies and incontinence cleaning products that we have are among the best. The incontinence wipes and incontinence washcloths cleanses one’s skin from incontinence elements, from feces, urine to exudates but they also have mild surfactants that aid in the removal of soiling and in the process will not dry up your skin, which only solution of soap and water causes.

  • We have top brands of incontinence cleaning products. The incontinence cleaning supplies include, incontinence wipes, incontinence cloths, incontinence washcloths, cleansers and more. The incontinence wipes and cloths are disposable and made to not only help in effective cleaning of incontinence elements but also moisturizing and soothing of skin, reducing skin conditions and irritation in the process. The moist incontinence wipes are among these incontinence cleaning materials, for example, Kleenex Cottonelle Flush-able moist wipes. These wipes and other types of moist incontinence wipes or incontinence cleansers are made with soft cotton materials and they are pre-moistened. They are made to prevent drying up of skin. Then there are incontinence dry wipes, are made with superior quality strength and to offer the best hygienic care. The incontinence cloths or incontinence washcloths are highly absorbent, which are made with materials that provide a completely cloth like feel. The incontinence cloths that are part of the incontinence cleaning products are gentle on one’s skin and do not cause any kind of skin irritation.

    Prevail Adult Incontinence Washcloths are enhanced with lotion, Vitamin E and Aloe for skin health. Single-hand dispensing ensures that a single unfolded wipe dispenses every time for added convenience, less waste and reduced risk of cross-contamination. Made with a thick, super strong and super soft fabric.

  • The incontinence cloths and incontinence dry wipes or moist incontinence wipes not only cleanse one’s skin but also ensure good health of the same. It is a known fact that feces, urine and similar elements cause damage to skin and also makes you feel uncomfortable too. The incontinence washcloths and incontinence wipes, as incontinence cleaning supplies contain moisturizer and similar skin enhancing components. Thus, these incontinence wipes and incontinence cloths moisturizes one’s skin and makes it feel smooth and forever fresh.

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Apart from moisturizing our incontinence cleaning products also come with barrier protection formulation for the skin. The incontinence wipes and incontinence washcloths protects your skin from any kind of unwanted moisture, inclusive of urine and in the process also protect one’s skin integrity and safeguard it from discomfort and irritation.