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Textiles Plus Inc 13-Inch by 13-Inch Heavy Weight Wash Cloth, Teal, Set of 6

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  • Indulge yourself in spa like luxury with this luxurious six-piece towel set. The set includes two oversized, extra heavy bath towels, two oversized extra heavy hand towels, and two oversized, extra heavy washcloths. The set is is made with approximately 4-1/2 pounds of Egyptian cotton--known for its softness, absorbency, and durability. These towels make an ideal complement to any bathroom whether you use it to pamper yourself or reserve it for special guests. Egyptian cotton fibers are valued for their superior length and strength, which also reduces the buildup of pile and lint. These towels will feel cozy and comfortable against your skin every time you use them. Additionally the towels get softer with washing and drying.

    The nature of universal entropy doesn't take away from the soft soft glory this Egyptian Cotton can offer you. Don't recoil in fear. Instead, treasure the moments you and your 6-Piece towel set can share. The oversized bath towels, the oversized hand towels, the oversized, extra-heavy washcloths. They'll form those wonderful summer memories that no spilled glass of cranberry juice could ever truly destroy.

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