Hanging White Washcloth isolated on white.

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  • We have the Rohl Country Bath fixtures in our shower and installed both the bar and a hook for the handheld showerhead. I hang a washcloth on that hook for the handheld showerhead because usually I use the showerhead on the bar. The hook has a little curve to it so it holds the washcloth well, and it's made to be in the shower.

    I agree, what is up with the washclothes? Why so much hoopla over drying them out? Special little hangers for them? Just throw them in the laundry. I have put many damp things in the laundry, and so what, a day later you do a laundry load. I never had mold issues. I wish I had time in my life to have such worries about what hanger to buy to hang washclothes on.

  • We are about to re-tile our shower and currently have adhesive clips to hang our washcloths from. Don't want to re-use this idea, but can't seem to come up with a different solution. The best solution so far is a towel bar, but we don't want the ceramic style - something more along the lines of what we would hang our bath towel from. We will have a bar to mount the handheld shower and we thought there might be something that could be attached to the bar that we could hang our washcloths from. Any ideas? Thanks!

    I have no laundry room nor do I have a sink in the laundry area. I live in a condo where that just isn't an option. So big whoop....I hang my washcloth on a hook in the shower when I'm finished, and in the morning, toss the dry cloth into a laundry basket. Since I wash my towels and cloths in hot water with bleach, I don't see bacteria as an issue.

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