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Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Disposable Washcloths, 14 Count

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  • Looking for soft, absorbent and durable disposable washcloths for babies at an affordable price? Look no further than TBC Child Care Supply. With our ultra disposable baby washcloths, you can eliminate the time and expense of laundering, folding and storing fabric washcloths and still provide a comforting, sanitary experience for the children you care for.

    Are you planning for an occasional trip to Europe or Hawaii or some long business trips? Or are you worried about the safe and hygienic bathing of your baby? If you or your baby is sensitive to pre-moistened wipes, you should be very choosy about your wash cloths. Nothing will be more suitable to you than the disposable washcloth. And if it is related to baby care, you should be extra-choosy of the disposable washcloths for your baby.

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