Colorful washcloths available at Target

Colorful cotton washcloth

J & M Home Fashions 24-Piece Solid Bright Washcloth Set, 12 by 12-Inch

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  • I was recently invited to a baby sprinkle for a friend who is pregnant with her second child. The expecting parents already own most of the traditional big ticket items and are waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender, so all the guests contributed to a group gift card in lieu of bringing presents. However, as the known “crafty friend” of the bunch, I couldn’t attend a celebration such as this without having a little something up my sleeve. Colorful baby washcloth cupcakes are my new go-to baby shower DIY and are easily whipped together with a just a couple of inexpensive infant essentials.

    I used to make these and fill with jelly beans wrapped in plastic wrap
    for the kids. They look so cute when you use different colored washcloths

  • Our numerous colored washcloths wholesalers offer everything - we’ve got a huge selection of , , . You’ll find all the information you need to make the right decision, from , , and , , . So start shopping and start saving - even if those extra savings are going toward your little one’s college education!

    The more the merrier with this 12 pack of colorful washcloths. Beyond the tub, keep a few on the changing table and in the diaper bag for whatever baby throws your way.

  • “When I think of chenille, I think of cozy, old-fashioned bathrobes and plush towels and washcloths. This simple washcloth pattern was inspired by a set of colorful washcloths my grandmother had when I was growing up. I’ve never been able to find them since. The key is to use a smaller needle than the yarn requires, and then machine-wash and -dry the washcloth to tighten the fabric even more as part of the finishing pattern. These last forever and make wonderful gifts.”

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Even though these baby shower favors are simple to make and create a sweet ambiance for any baby shower, Washcloth Tulip Flowers are actually very hard to find for sale on search engines and popular craft sites. You can, however, learn how to make your own right now with these simple step-by-step . Pick up a bundle of soft, colorful baby washcloths, find a needle and thread, and learn this fun, new craft!