board or coarse washcloth, with care taken not to cause bleeding.

or a coarse washcloth — and rub your skin ..

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  • This natural therapeutic Beldi Soap from Morocco is made from 100% virgin black olive oil. It is ideal in preparing the skin for exfoliation and has a unique ability to moisturize, and cleanse the skin as well. Rich in vitamin E, it can be used for all types of skin. Directions: Apply the soft soap to wet skin. For body exfoliation, use an exfoliating glove, loofah, or coarse washcloth and scrub to clean and remove dead skin and impurities. On the face, use the soap alone and make circular motions with your fingers to allow the soap's natural exfoliating properties to reach all areas (Avoid eye contact.) As you are cleansing, rinse with fresh water to remove all soap. You will be left with exceptionally soft skin.

    Washcloths are supposed to feel soft and soothing upon skin, not coarse and irritating. Laundering washcloths with excessive detergent, however, causes their fibers to collect detergent residue and become stiff and rough. Although commercial fabric softeners are supposedly formulated to soften washcloths, they actually coat washcloth fibers with silicone that makes washcloth less absorbent and plush over time. Simply laundering stiff washcloths using certain techniques immediately softens the washcloths’ rough fibers, making them comfortable to use again.

  • In light of this news, a “natural” exofoliant may seem like the way to go—but Dr. Donofrio cautions against face and body washes that contain ground up pieces of nuts, seeds, and pits, which can have jagged edges and scratch or irritate skin. Her best alternative? “A coarse washcloth is a great exfoliator, as are scrubs that contain fine sea salt or sugar.”

    The technique for the salt glow is quite easy. Take a bowl of salt, about one half to one cupful of medium fineness, not as coarse as the salt used in an ice cream churn, and more coarse than table salt. Moisten the salt so that it does not melt, but sticks together slightly. Step into a shower and wet the body all over. Step out of the shower, but preferably still in the shower stall or tub, take about one teaspoon of the moistened salt into the palm, rub the hands together to evenly distribute, and start rubbing the skin of one extremity; it is usually best to start with an arm. Rub the arm briskly up and down in a short friction-type movement, rubbing the skin with the salt firmly enough that a red glow develops. Use the other hand to apply the salt and friction rub the opposite arm. Repeat the procedure, rubbing the chest with the hands in a light but definitely frictioning type of rub. Take another lump of salt, rub it between the hands, tighten the abdominal muscles, and rub the abdomen. The procedure can be repeated until every portion of the skin of the body has been covered. An assistant can treat the back, or a towel can be used which has been rubbed with some of the salt to get the friction to the back. When the entire body has been covered, take a cool shower, turning around in the water, rubbing the skin briskly with a coarse washcloth. After thirty seconds of cool rinsing, step out of the shower and take a brisk rubdown with a coarse towel.

  • Got rough feet? Apply a coat of (regular, not sensitive) veet to the bottoms, wait the same amount of time listed for hair removal (I do the 6 min max listed), rinse feet while rubbing with a coarse washcloth. AMAZING. Will also remove self-tanner uh-ohs. Don't get it on your toe- or finger- nails :)

Korean washcloths are a longtime staple among many women of Asian ..

...which gets 100 times worse a moment later, when I feel her latex-gloved hand gripping the base of my dick firmly, pulling the foreskin downwards to expose the head, while her other hand wraps the warm, wet, soft-yet-slightly-coarse washcloth around the super-sensitive glans and swipes around it in a deliciously tight circular motion.