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TwoTier Wedding / Bridal Shower Towel Cake by SilverSpoolDesigns. This is definitely a winner!

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  • Today I was browsing Facebook and saw this AMAZING bridal shower towel cake creation! This homemade gift would make any bride-to-be smile! Thank you to Rachel for letting me share!

    This adorable wedding cake of towels was created by a gal who calls herself “Crafty Jan”. This project goes over big when used as a focal point or centerpiece at a wedding shower. When Jan’s daughter got married a while back, Jan took her first try at constructing a bridal shower towel cake. It was such a hit that since then she’s become rather infamous for these little masterpieces among friends and family, and has been asked to make them over and over again. So very clever and crafty!

  • A bridal shower towel cake can be made in all colors. For a striking effect, choose bold colors, then add contrasting ribbon and trim. For an elegant look, use all one color for base and trim, then insert your gifts. An extra special idea is to use a monogrammed style.

    A bridal shower towel cake is made of an assortment of tiered towels that have been artfully arranged. Next, gift items are inserted into each layer. The final touches are always decorative, and often useable.

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  • A bridal shower towel cake is an excellent gift idea. The bride-to-be is in need of many objects and items for her new home. Towels can always come in handy. In addition, you can express your originality through the creation of the towel cake.

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P.S. Remember to tell the bride-to-be that pins were used in the making of her bridal shower towel cake, so to take care when unraveling.