I would like to try the BambooBaby Washcloths.

Bamboosa Adult Washcloths

Bamboosa Baby Washcloths/Wipes - Super Soft Viscose from Organic Bamboo - 5 Pack - Pale Pink - Made in USA

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  • TAG : most absorbent baby washcloth/wipe you will ever use.
  • I would also recommend the Vulli teethers and Bamboosa’s bamboo washcloths made with recycled soda bottle caps. They also have the best feel and size for babies.

    If you did go the oil cleansing route for your daughter I would recommend high linoleic oils just like Elizabeth said (and I second her recommendation to check out Minimalist Beauty, she champions the ultra gentle method of keeping acne at bay) and I would also get her a really good soft washcloth. Both Fairface and Bamboosa washcloths are perfect, they’re nice and gentle. Other than that, I agree with Elizabeth again on keeping things simple. I think skin care should be fun and not a chore. And I applaud you for taking the extra step to find something good for your daughter instead of going to the standby, it’s a really cool thing for you to do. The idea of teaching young girls good skin care is so exciting to me. It’s such a good opportunity to send your kid off with the gift of happy beautiful skin and teach them that good things happen when you take time to take care of yourself…I love it.

  • I love that the products at are all white, it just has such a clean, fresh and pure look to it. Some other great products that they have are a Bamboo Hooded Enclosed Wrap for Baby, this looks great for a baby coming straight out of the tub. They also carry bamboo washcloths, which if they are as absorbent and soft as the hat, they would feel really great over sensitive skin.

    Talk about good timing - I'm going to be needing to replace my sponge very soon. I'm fairly certain that I will be replacing it with this bamboo washcloth. As much as I love using a sponge, I know that this will be a terrific replacement because I won't have to worry about bacteria and I'll have a nice cotton alternative.

    Bamboosa Baby Washcloths/Wipes - Super Soft Viscose from Organic Bamboo - 5 Pack - Purely Natural - Made in USA

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    Annie, our newest mommy reviewer, tested out a Bamboosa washcloth and blanket recently with her 18-month-old son and newborn daughter. Here is what she had to say about the products:

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